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We all know that feeling when you finally get to your destination and the wind is pumping only for you to realise that you forgot your lines or your board is cracked. For this exact reason, we have listed all the shops and kite service centers in our area.


Kiteboarding Collective

Matt and co from Kiteboarding Collective

Windtown Kite Shop

North, Ion

Constantly Kiting

Reef, Air Rush, Mystic


Cabrinha, Mystic, Dakine
Cabrinha, Mystic, Dakine

Cape Sport Center

Scorpion kites, Prolimit harnesses,
Gaastra gear


Mystic, Cabrinha,
Fone, Reef


2nd wind

Fixes kites – Paul Lagesse
+27 (0)82 650 9290

Cape Dr

Fixes boards
+27 (0)21 557 0740


Fixes kites
+27 (0)22 772 0026