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Main Beach

Situated at the bottom of the town center, Main Beach is world-renowned for its wind conditions and flat waters. Many kiters take advantage of the stable winds and deep waters to practice and perfect their jumping skills, while others take advantage of the long flat run to the island. This spot is bustling on windy days and boasts a long, flat white beach perfect for launching kites.
Beware of outgoing current.
Be careful of wind free zone on far right side of beach.
Wear a thicker wetsuit.
Have cash at hand for an after kite beer.

Shark Bay

This beautiful bay is situated next to the nature reserve and is a kiter’s paradise. Kitesurfers can enjoy long, smooth runs and shallow waters. In the afternoons, take a downwind run to main beach and enjoy a beer with the locals. Shark Bay’s water is warmer than the rest of the lagoon, and despite its misleading name, it is not home to any sharks.
The waters are very shallow, so be careful when jumping.
Limited beach to set up on.
Sharp rocks and barnacles under the waters, consider surf booties.
Don’t forget cash for that beer when partaking in the down winder.

Club Mykonos

On windy days, a few kiters head over to this launching pad to take advantage of the waves and swell. Because not many people kite here, it is the perfect spot to go have fun and to get away from the maddening crowds.
Be careful of strong currents.
Be careful of shore breaks, kite in deeper.
Ample parking space.
Thicker wetsuit required.

Paradise Beach

On days when the wind blows just right, this spot really is a kitesurfers dream location. Wave riders can enjoy the good swell, while those not so fond of waves can just head in a little deeper and enjoy the lagoon waters.
Wind free on left side of beach.
Sometimes the shore break can be harsh.
Very secluded and private.

Kraal Bay

This pad calls for one of those special days when the wind is blowing just right. Kraal Bay boasts some of the warmest waters on the West Coast as well as some of the most beautiful scenery. Be sure to head over there when the opportunity presents itself and do the downwind run to Shark Bay.
Have cash at hand for park entrance fee.
Can be very gusty at times.
Enjoy the blissfully warm water.
Make sure you have your travel arrangements sorted.

Saldanha Beach Club

Situated on the opposite side of the lagoon, kitesurfing in Saldanha Bay is a treat much different to Langebaan. The onshore winds and stable conditions are perfect for those wanting to practice their upwind sailing skills in a safe way.
Be sure to wear a thicker wetsuit
Onshore winds with a few gusty spots
Awesome little café for a post kite beer
Parking is plentiful and in close vicinity