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Frequently Asked Questions

What size kites would you recommend I pack to Langebaan to best suit the conditions there?
The wind generally blows between 12 and 25 knots in Langebaan. We find that the kites we use the most are our size 7-9 for people under 70kg and size 10-12 for people over 80kg.

Is it safe to Kitesurf in the Lagoon?
The lagoon is very safe and there is a rescue boat at the main beach. The NSRI is also always on hand to assist a kiter in peril.

Can I rent equipment in Langebaan?
Yes, there are many places to rent equipment with a variety of brands to choose from.
Visit Shops

Is there wifi available?
Yes, there are a few hotspots in town and all of our places to stay also have Wi-Fi available. You also have access to the complimentary Wi-Fi lounge at
The Farmhouse Hotel

How do the mobile networks work in South Africa?
You can switch on your roaming and use your cellphone or you can purchase a package at the airport. It is quite handy to have a cellphone with you on your journey.